If I sometimes seem rude to you,
it’s because I care about you.
If I sometimes seem soft to you,
it’s because you are tender to me.
If I sometimes seem happy to you,
it’s because your smile lives in me.
If I sometimes seem distant to you,
it is because your status silently cries out to me.
If I sometimes seem far from you,
it’s because your soul is moving away from me.
Every day I get closer to you even though
I know I’ll probably never reach you.
We live to die, so I will secretly keep the flame burning so that
ashes remain even after I am gone;
evidence of my eternal love for you.

By Jdm.



I understood that we are unique in this world,

I have learned not to speak to strangers unless it is a matter of extreme necessity,

I know not to accept a gift from a non-relative,

I have seen that playing with fire will eventually burn me,

I have heard that we often attract people who have a part of us in them,

I longed to share an exclusive and original intimacy with my life partner,

I have always wanted to meet the man of my dreams,

I have always protected my heart from complex stories,

I have always fought my fears and prejudices,

I have always worn my pendant with principles,

I’ve always put an extra lock and kept the key for my safety,

You show me that life is nothing more than what we decide to take, keep or hold.

One Love.

By Jdm.



One day I feel happy,

and the next day I’m angry.

I kill myself to face the melancholy,

even though sometimes the tears flow unintentionally,

But I still want to fight it,

as I feel it in my body,

that this grey cloud is temporary.

For every day, the darkness gives way to expectancy.

That’s my only hope, my destiny,

and it will only cost my faith, which is free.




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