And Joyce In Your Life

There are times when an idea crosses our minds. It doesn’t matter what impact it has in the world. What matters is the desire to make it happen.

It is interesting to have a conversation with people because it helps us, in a few minutes, to have an opinion on…

I often wonder why we repeat the same mistakes despite the lessons taught by life? Is it because human beings have to go through tragic moments to understand things? Or, is it because we like feeling strong emotions, both positive and negative, as this shows that we are alive?


One day I feel happy,

and the next day I’m angry.

I kill myself to face the melancholy,

even though sometimes the tears flow unintentionally,

But I still want to fight it,

as I feel it in my body,

that this grey cloud is temporary.

For every day, the darkness gives way to expectancy.

That’s my only hope, my destiny,

and it will only cost my faith, which is free.


Today, we live in a world where we feel more interconnected than ever. Contacting someone on the other side of the world is no big deal. However, with a bit of analysis and reflection, I noticed that many of us live in a virtual world even though social networking sites…

I would like to believe all of us once had the introspection to know where we are in our lives. However, some people let the days go by, thinking that everything is due to us and even if we do nothing, something will happen. On the other hand, the misfortunes…

And Joyce In Your Life

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