A bit of you and me for a while.

Who would dare to say that they live in total autarky in this world? At some point in our lives, we need someone else, someone to reach out to us. Indeed, I am a believer in the idea that we may have arrived on earth alone, but we are bound to form bonds with our fellow human beings. It doesn’t matter how long or short these relationships are; it is inevitable. For our mission on this earth is to influence in some way people around us.

I have to admit I’d always had the grace of having people who love me and are ready to defend me in case of need. Moreover, strangely enough, I feel blessed to have people who are not at all fond of me and who are not afraid to show it to me. I don’t see them as enemies but as people who help me to excel. In fact, after analysis, I realized that life is so right and that this balance allows us to keep our feet on the ground.

Unfortunately, what I have stated above, is not always seen that way by most people. And this is understandable because we all long for peace and ease. The human being is afraid of danger and tends to give up, thinking that what happens to him is insurmountable. Whereas the Universe is giving and taking, but above all, allowing certain situations to grow and prepare us for the great assignment he has entrusted to us.

Thus, through this article, I encourage you to meditate to find your way on the one hand. Then, surrender to this voice that will guide you to follow the process properly. Of course, it will happen that you get lost on the way, to stop, or even worse, to turn back. It’s not a big deal because you just get slowed down. But the good news is that life is not a matter of time; it is not a race but a journey that has a beginning and an end. As long as your assignment is not complete, you will remain here. So, during this long journey, don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it, as this will allow you to rest at times. How do you know when you are trusting or asking for the right hand? Just listen to your heart.

You know, I once found myself in a situation and had no idea how to get out of it. I asked the Universe for help so much that it allowed an encounter that got me out of the difficulty I was facing. The meeting was fortuitous, in my opinion. Of course, he helped me carry one of my bags during the time he had. When he wanted to give it back to me, I asked him a favor. Big mistake on my part! However, he accepted, and we went on together for a while. One day he became ill, and I found myself with my bag that he was carrying, but also with his.

I dedicate this text to all the people who don’t trust anyone anymore, who prefer to do everything by themselves and believe they won’t make any mistakes and avoid getting cheated. You spend your energy on things that you can delegate while controlling them for peace of mind. Such is the mindset of a leader, or in other words, a person who would want to influence the world of tomorrow positively.

By Jdm



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