A bloody black heart.

I have heard on several occasions the phrase “I think love doesn’t want me anymore”, “I don’t feel anything at all”, “I don’t have any emotions”, etc. In other words, you can see that this is a questioning of what love means to us at a certain point in our lives. In short, you will have understood that this is a matter of what love means to us at a certain point in our lives. So many things happen that make us feel the opposite of what we had built up to define the love or feelings we have for others.

Too many people don’t realize the impact and consequences their actions can have on others. And, I must say, the damage is often done by those who pay attention to the feelings of the people they are dealing with. You know the kind of people who are willing to go out of their way to rescue you when you’re not necessarily in an intimate relationship but don’t consider yourself an interesting person.

It is interesting to listen to the grievances of these “hearts of gold”. Indeed, we can see an imbalance between what they give to the Universe and what they receive in return. But aren’t we told that we must cultivate the good to reap it? It is rather strange that this adage does not apply to this case and directs the benefactors in this spiral that leads to perdition.

That said, others would say that we are the source of all that the Universe offers us. In other words, if a beautiful person decides to do good to another individual and the latter prefers to return the good obnoxiously, it is the fault of the first person. So does this mean that unconsciously these good-hearted people are attracting the unconscious without being aware of it? Are they doing it involuntarily or not? Does this deserve an introspection and especially the stopping of the bleeding in time?

Let me finish with this beautiful sentence that I heard recently: “There comes an age when we must learn to respect others and above all to take into consideration their feelings even if we don’t care about them because this shows our maturity and wisdom”. I would add that the rule is simple but very often forgotten: “Don’t do to others what you would not like them to do to you”.

To all those who know that to be loved, one must learn to love oneself; to receive, one must learn to give, and to crown it all, let us learn to listen to that little voice that reminds us of the fundamentals to do the best of ourselves and to contribute to peace in the World.

By Jdm



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