One soulmate across lifetimes

So how do you know if someone is your soul mate?

I have often heard couples say that they felt it from the first moment they looked at each other. That their heart spoke at that moment, that everything seemed obvious, that they just knew it. Others, on the contrary, say that it was the universe that allowed them this osmosis, that it fell on their heads, that even after so many years, they still don’t know how to explain their union, that it is a matter of circumstance or timing.

We agree that love is complex. That none holds the truth about the secret of a successful love relationship. Because it’s all about choice, and then it’s about day-to-day maintenance. In other words, everyone decides to choose a person and commits fighting to make it last over time.

You might disagree, but how can you explain that two people who vow to be faithful and to support each other in bad times, etc., get up one day and take the decision to break off their relationship because they no longer have feelings for each other?

Is it reasonable to talk about a soul mate, a person on earth destined for us? Or are we the ones who decide that the person in front of us is our life partner? Because when we look around us, we see couples who have separated because of the death, and who end up falling in love again and living another love story, different of course, since each person is unique.

As with everything else in this world, it is necessary to devote sincerely oneself, persevere, and above all, to believe in it with all one’s heart for it to work. Thus, the soul mate represents our ideal partner, the one who completes us, who helps us grow, who supports us in everything we do, who gives the best version of ourselves, who shares our vision, who wants our happiness.

So it is essential to know and love yourself to open your heart to a stranger who will end up being your other half, your mirror through the years. Finally, we can have several soul mates, but only one of them will remain in our hearts.

I dedicate this article to all the people who are still looking for their other half. Know that they are closer than you think. Set your heart, open your eyes, and listen to what is happening around you. You will be surprised at the miracle that life offers us.

By Jdm



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