The abused and lonely orphan

At the age of 8 I discovered that the people that educated me in childhood were not my biological parents.

In fact, the one I considered as my mother (my tutor) announced it a few days before her death. I must confess that I had been suffering a lot and I blamed her for hiding this truth from me.

Over time, I realized that she wanted to protect me because I was so vulnerable and exposed to the wickedness of his sisters. She confided in one of her friends and was worried about me.

She was right because I was mistreated by her sister for 7 years. To be honest I never understood why this aunt always felt hatred against me and made me suffer so badly, while I was suffering from a double pain deep inside me. Grieving the loss of a close relative and feeling abandoned by a biological parent.

One day, I decided to write her a letter and express my feelings. I was hoping that it would help her realize the damage she inflicted on me and at least explain the reason why she acted that way.

But unfortunately, even after several years, she never made an introspection. In fact, she very badly interpreted my letter. She hadn’t even understood my approach and that’s a pity. People often say that we must not judge, but how can you explain that a person who pretends to pray and says that he/she is saintly can behave in such a way? What does forgiveness mean for that kind of believer?

Anyway, for me, I am recovered and I forgave her to free my heart.

I think of all orphans in the world who are abused and I pray that God delivers them from their tormentors and that he strengthens them and grants them peace and love so that they will not be animated by the spirit of vengeance.

I dedicate this article to my mother who protects me from heaven. I will always love you and I take care of myself and fight to make you proud.

By Jdm



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