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And Joyce In Your Life
1 min readAug 8, 2021


Because before I am born, I am not,

Before I laugh, I cry,

Before I see, I am blind,

Before I speak, I am silent,

Before I rise, I fall,

Before I write, I draw,

Before I act, I concentrate,

Before I calculate, I count,

Before I throw, I catch,

Before I go, I plan,

Before I open my heart, I have it ready,

Before I act, I pray,

Before I love, I love myself,

Before I relativize, I dramatize,

Before I forgive, I blame,

Before being me, I discover myself,

Before being strong, I am ordinary,

Before persevering, I give up,

Before trusting, I am wary,

Before I rejoice, I grumble,

Before I go forward, I go backward,

Before I separate, I mate,

Before I am normal, I am weird,

Before I go to bed, I am awake,

Before I give, I get,

Before talking about me, experience my life,

Because before I die, I live.




And Joyce In Your Life

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