The horizon mirror.

I have always wondered what makes a human being aware of his assignment here on earth. Because society conditions us since our childhood to a specific lifestyle and constantly reminds us that time is our opponent because it prevents us from accomplishing what we want and not what we should.

What is that click, that voice, that shakes us one day? That path we had set out for ourselves is blurred, to follow the one traced by our creator. That voice echoing in every moment that we breathe to comfort us and inform us that time is absolutely nothing. The main thing is to focus on the purpose of our existence in the world.

I must say that I am one of those individuals who have had the grace to be around someone who understood his raison d’être from a very young age. If I were to state the facts of this angel, we would still be here tomorrow. Indeed, she is the most beautiful soul I have ever known, both inside and out. A true inspiration and blessing that I try to pass on to everyone who crosses my path.

Whenever I did something wrong or got carried away with negative thoughts, her spirit would come to my rescue and redirect me to love and all that is wonderful in this world. I’ve been aware for a few months now of how much her energy influences my mood. Indeed, like everyone else, there are days when I wake up in a good mood but with the sole desire to hang out in bed. But the moment I decide to follow my impulses, this spirit gives me an inexplicable strength that results in me jumping out of bed and realizing that the day I am given allows me to place a new brick on the wall of the house have decided to build. For, I remember that I am the contractor, the architect, and the worker.

So the message of this article is to remind us that we did not arrive on this earth by chance. We all have a path in life, more or less mapped out. With each step we take forward, may those we leave behind have an example of the brick shape they will have to create in turn so that our descendants can live the life meant for them. A simple life is healthy, filled with love and sharing.

Forgive me for being tautological. It’s time, therefore, to take the time to think about the time we need to spend getting to know ourselves and our assignment, our destiny. The good news is that this effort requires only us. Therefore, we are not dependent on an external person to slow down the process. Some may say that it is always easier to give this kind of advice. I would reply that it is even easier to ignore and stifle the obvious.

I dedicate this script to all people who positively impact our society, through action or simply by sharing their experience or love. The angel I met years before once caught me talking in front of my mirror. I was so embarrassed that I immediately stopped talking and acted as if nothing had happened. She laughed at my attitude and then said, “never be ashamed of doing what you love, and never stop fighting to get what you want”. I feed on these beautiful words in challenging times, and it rekindles the flame inside me and allows me to continue what I have started. Abandonment is the absence of faith because if we are aware of our duty, we are halfway there.

By Jdm



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