To be black, a stranger everywhere and for life

Raised in Africa, in a mixed family - black mum and white dad - I never bothered to think about my skin tone or origin. Actually, my parents were more about giving me love rather than explaining how the world works and how to defend myself against prejudices or the meanness of human beings. However, how old should I be when it comes to this kind of discussion?

They died when I was 10 years old and took with them the weapons that would have prevented me from shedding tears. Having no tutor, I moved in Europe to live with one of my aunts. Of course, this kind of topic was taboo, like in most African families.

So I learned how to have a “black” human being lifestyle. I consider this word as a very complex concept, which few black people could even give the meaning.

So my description is as follows:

“to live in a world, where we are falling between two chairs, while having to justify ourselves with everything and nothing, belittling ourselves, being humiliated, begging and always doing more than the others”.

The most sad part of the story is that society constantly reminds us that we are worthless and that no matter how hard we try, we will never reach that “first place”. You understand what I am referring to.

As a black person born in Africa, I still have the chance not to feel “foreign” like those who are born in Western countries but are asked for the “country of origin” as if all black people were born in Africa. In addition, blacks living in the Occident are often described as “white” when they return to Africa.

Today, when I analyze all that happens in the world, I understand why my parents preserved me. They wanted me to form my own opinion, to erect a big transparent wall around me so that everyone could get close to me without touching what is precious: my person.

In conclusion, I will say that no matter the difficulties I encounter, I am proud of the lesson of life that it brings me and for nothing in the world I will exchange my skin color for another because this is what defines my balance (my strength and my weakness) when I walk on the wire (earth).

I would be ungrateful not to thank the Internet, which helps to awaken consciences, especially through social networks.

By Jdm



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